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SQL Documentor $49.99

SQL Documentor from Vale Software is designed to help all SQL & MSDE developers by quickly and effectively generating complete documentation detailing your databases.

Platform : Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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SQL Server Comparison Tool   $99.00   Buy Online

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SQL Server Comparison Tool is a Windows program for analyzing, comparing and documenting SQL Server databases. It's an ideal tool for Database Administrators (DBA) and Developers. With SQL Server Comparison Tool you can take full control of your databases: analyze, compare and document structure of tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers and relationships, compare data stored in tables, generate detailed reports.

Platform : Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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ApexSQL Audit (Single Developer License)  $599  Buy Online

ApexSQL Audit (Site License)  $599  Buy Online

Apex SQL Audit proves a comprehensive, enterprise level active data auditing tool for Microsoft® SQL Server© 7 or 2000 Database auditing unmatched on the market today.    More Info

ApexSQL Clean (Single Developer License)  $149  Buy Online

ApexSQL Clean (Site licence)  $149  Buy Online

Apex SQL Clean looks for and deletes unreferenced and unused Database objects like tables, views and procedures.  More Info

ApexSQL Code (Single Developer License)  $399.00  Buy Online

ApexSQL Code (Site licence)  $399  Buy Online

How long would it take you to write all of this code by hand? ... or how about this C# Class?  The answer .... it would only take a few seconds to generate this code if you use Apex SQL Code code generator. More Info

ApexSQL Diff (Single Developer License)  $349  Buy Online

ApexSQL Diff (Site License)  $1795.00   Buy Online

Apex SQL Diff is a server based, high speed database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users etc between two Microsoft® SQL Server© databases in seconds.  More Info

ApexSQL Doc (Single Developer License)  99.00  Buy Online

ApexSQL Doc (Site License)  $495  Buy Online

Apex SQL Doc is a powerful tool to document your sql server database into HTML help Documentation.   More Info

ApexSQL Log (Single Developer License)  $699.00  Buy Online

ApexSQL Log (Site License)  $3795.00  Buy Online

Apex SQL Log is a powerful SQL data auditing tool that analyzes SQL Server's own Transaction Log to display information on data and structural changes.  More Info

ApexSQL Report (Single Developer licence)  $595.00  Buy Online

ApexSQL Report (Site licence)  $595   Buy Online

Apex SQL Report is a data driven, web reporting solution for Microsoft® SQL Server©.  Imagine the ability to leverage off an existing database and begin offering your users literally hundreds of web based, HTML reports in a few minutes rather than weeks or even months.   More Info

ApexSQL Script (Single Developer License )  $195  Buy Online

ApexSQL Script (Site licence)  $199   Buy Online

Apex SQL Script is a SQL tool that creates insert scripts from any Microsoft® SQL Server© 7 or 2000 database table (or view) that can be archived, emailed, checked into source control, run against another database etc.   More Info

ApexSQL Edit (Single Developer License)  $149    Buy Online

ApexSQL Edit (Site License)  $1795  Buy Online

Apex SQL Edit is a powerful IDE especially designed for advanced SQL Server developers including integration with source safe, Intellisense, sql formatting, data editing and advanced features not found in other SQL IDEs like Procedure / Column Intellisense, Collapsing Regions, Deployment projects and more.  More Info

ApexSQL Studio (Single Developer License)  $1349  Buy Online

ApexSQL Studio (Site licence)  $1349  Buy Online

ApexSQL Studio Universal (Single Developer License)  $2195  Buy Online

ApexSQL Studio Universal (Site licence)  $11995  Buy Online

Apex SQL Studio Universal is a comprehensive and powerful suite of ALL of our value added SQL Server tools offered at a great, discount price.  The Studio suite offers developers a wide range of value added functionality including Auditing, Scripting, Comparison & Synchronization, Reporting, Documentation, Code Generation, Editing/IDE and more ..  More Info

Blueshell Data Guy

The blueshell Data Guy is an ADO-based editor for virtually all types of databases. This program supports Jet (Access and ISAMs like dBase, Paradox etc.), Oracle and SQL server. Additionally you can use other OLEDB or ODBC providers. All connections, schemas, table types and tables are shown using a tree view. Enjoy the magic of connectivity using Cut & Paste or Drag & Drop with applications like Word or Excel.

Visual SQL-Designer

Visual SQL-Designer is a program for easy visual constructing hard SQL-query for any database and write it.

Supported databases:

ORACLE 7.2-8.x
MS-SQL server 6.5-7.0-2000
SyBase System 11
Db2 for NT
MSAccess 97-2002
ODBC datasources

Some functionality:

Union query builder.
Make table query builder.
OLAP inside.
Load external SQL-query (reverse engineering).
Show result sets in Print Preview by page and print on selected printer.
Show stored procedures from database and its parameters.
Stored Procedure execute wizard.

Feature of the given program is the opportunity of creation of query to diverse sources of the information, for example, to ORACLE and SYBASE simultaneously. Besides it is possible quickly and visually to create query with calculated fields in view of specificity of language of queries of a separate database. There is an opportunity of preservation of the created query as representation (VIEW) in a database for its further use.

The inclusion of OLAP functionality within Visual SQL-Designer helps make multidimensional analysis more affordable and brings the benefits of OLAP to a wider audience. Analyse external cube files and create Your own cube files from various database sources.

Your also needed some public library for correct setup:

Visual Basic 6.0 RunTime Library
Microsoft ADO 2.5 Library (MDAC_TYPE.EXE)
Microsoft DAO 3.60 Library

Active Document Keeper

FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2.

Generates Perl CGI scripts for MySQL and Oracle
Exports JPEG images from FileMaker container fields
Host FileMaker data at any ISP supporting MySQL
Migrates Pro databases at any ISP supporting MySQL
Migrates CSV files to each database
Migrates TAB delimited files to each destination database
Documents FileMaker Pro database structure
Migration of large text fields and image data
Processing of up to 50 open FileMaker Pro databases
Supports FileMaker Pro stand-alone solution files

The $50 license cost includes an unlimited user site license for FmPro Migrator Enterprise Edition.

Full Convert Standard MySQL Edition$49.00  Buy Online
Full Convert provides you with comfortable way to convert data between many databases. Databases supported:Microsoft Access, dBase, Microsoft Excel documents, Interbase/Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, SQL Server, Delimited text files. All editions feature target database browser with multiselect which greatly simplifies certain actions.. Professional Edition adds a powerful action and parameters handling. As you manipulate database structure and data in intuitive and powerful way, all your actions are recorded for future reuse. You can later instantly rerun your actions on another snapshot of data.

Platform : Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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