Time & Attendance

This program is geared towards monitoring employee attendance and to enforce security in security sensitive areas. By this we mean the software will restrict access between certain hours via electronic locks which work in conjuction with barcode/magnetic strip readers.

The reports and charts give at a glance attendance on any given day , month or year. From the charts one can diagnose trends and determine most/least productive time intervals. The tool embodies the following features:

 Dynamic Reporting to facilitate the following

       ü        Viewing all persons logged in

ü       Viewing Attendance trends over any date and or time period

ü       Chart display to give histogram view at a glance

ü       Ability to see which persons are not logging off by swiping

 Detecting fraud

                ü       Detecting if duplicate cards are used 

Prohibiting entry  

ü       Imposing time ranges when admittance is permissible 

Caters for organisational growth 

ü       Architecture accommodates evolution of an organization from small to medium to large status based on infrastructure and employee magnitude 

Threshold settings to ensure entries are logged off properly 

ü       To ensure database integrity the administrator  can set time frames to determine the average work hours that a worker should adhere to. So in the event a person does not swipe out the system will check periodically to ensure this rule is kept. 

Delays to prevent over swiping 

ü       To avoid incorrect swiping responses the administrator has the ability to set time delays prohibiting persons from swiping too soon after their initial swipe. This ability ensure only one swipe is recorded when a user is overly cautious and swipes several times. 

Interface with other systems               

ü       Provides 2 methods through which you can interface with another system

o        Delimited File

o        Direct access to application database

§         Microsoft database (Non ODBC)

§         MS SQL, Oracle SQL Database Server (ODBC)

Time & Attendance Package Features

The following are some screen shots (Version 7.x) of this very user friendly interface which empowers the user with functionality and efficiency. This downloadable version is limited by only the number of barcode numbers that can be entered as it is an Unregistered copy. For registration information you can contact us at the email provided.The Application works with Serial COM ports as well as TCP/IP protocol.

Report Parameter Screens


       Employee                 Inventory




Configuration Screens


Analysis Form & Chart

Time & Attendance

System Requirements

Platform : Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2000/2003

Licensing Cost per Client PC

# of Employees
Cost US $100 US $175 US $225 US $400 US $1000

( N.B. The above costing represents End User costing, for Corporate reseller licensing prices please contact via email for details)

Has Many Awards

Inventory / Point of Sale Application

System Requirements

Platform : Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2000/2003

Licensing Cost per Client PC

# of Items
Cost US $150 US $200 US $250 US $300 US $500

This package keeps track of stocks. Encorporates the following features:

The ability to spot the following trends is critical in the today's business market