TrackerPro Rental

Rental package keeps track of stocks and rented items. Can be used in all Retail companies (Car Rentals, Video Rentals etc).  Encorporates the following features:

Point of Sale(Multi Tender Currency Module)
Inventory Management
Stock Analysis / Trends
Flexible & Powerful Reporting System
Customer Relation Management
Multiple Item Rentals from Single Customer
Easy Customer Account Fetch System
3 Easy Rollback points during Rental process
Caters for Tender Type (Visa, MC, Cash ...)
Provides Discount capability for corporate customers
Provides ability to track supplier information
The ability to spot the following trends is critical in the today's business market

Monitor Inventory at a glance
Diagnose buyers trends
Spot dormant stock
Image of Stock Items
Multi Currency!
Mass Discount Capability
Dynamic Tax/Vat Module
Advanced record locking to ensure inventory integrity is maintained
Ability to Edit/Remove Entries if Registration is Exceeded
Customer Management Module
Supplier Management Tracking Module
User Management (Pro Version Only) Module
Non Taxable Distinction (Pro Version Only) Module
Pre/Post Paid Rental System (Pro Version Only) Module
Email Notification for Items requiring reordering (Pro Version Only) Module
Email Notification when Items expire (Pro Version Only) Module

Idle Stock
Dynamic Stock
Restocking Threshholds

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System Requirements

Platform : Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2000/2003


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