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Calculate on the WEB. Using this unique software, everyone can create interactive and calculating webpage's. Solve your problem using Microsoft Excel®, and let Excel Everywhere convert it to HTML with embedded JavaScript. No programming needed. Use it for expense report, survey, order forms, reservation forms, employment application, financial advisor, ROI-calculator, engineering. The web pages generated by Excel Everywhere are suitable for use with all common web-authoring tools such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver and GoLive, or alternatively, they can be edited using a text editor.

ExcelEverywhere for ASP and ASP.NET generates a single ASPX page and an optional Code-Behind file for each Excel spreadsheet that it converts. The ASPX takes the users input, calculate and then display the result. The Code-Behind file is used to do backend-integrations, for example fetching the current rate from an external system.

ExcelEverywhere for HTML is included in ExcelEverywhere for ASP & ASP.NET.

Using the product you can create the following three types of output:

You do not need to be a programmer to use the software. If you do not need to do any backend-integration, it is just a matter of moving the resulting files to the web server.



ExcelEverywhere will save you time and money. It will make your customers happier thru increased service and better quality.

How is it work

Calculating web pages can be produced both quickly and simply using a combination of Excel and Excel Everywhere. The process of producing a web page can be broken down into the following 5 steps:

  1. Create the spreadsheet using Excel.

  2. Mark the parts of the spreadsheet that are to be shown on the web page (optional).

  3. Run Excel Everywhere.

  4. Customize the resulting page to fit with your web site (optional)*.

  5. Distribute the web page. Publish it on your website or email it to your users.

*The web pages generated by Excel Everywhere are suitable for use with all common web-authoring tools such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver and GoLive, or alternatively, they can be edited using a text editor.
The whole process is quick and very simple. If you can use Excel, you can use Excel Everywhere.


Expense Report

Online expense reports that sum and calculate

Expense reports have to be filled in by all employees within a company, many of them not equipped with an own computer. Errors in expense reports are common. Often the information in the expense report are incomplete or incorrectly calculated. One solution is to have special-designed spreadsheets for expense reports in order to make them as correct as possible. However, Excel is not available for all. Web browsers are much more accessible.

The solution is ExcelEverywhere, which lets you design your company specific expense report and then convert it into a web page. You can either add a submit-button, or you can just ask the employees to fill it out, and print it, and sign it, and then put it into the mailbox.

Below you see a sample expense report spreadsheet. The web page is automatically generated from the spreadsheet and the web page has not been edited in any way.

expense1.gif (9038 bytes)

Please note that Excel Everywhere allows Internet Explorer to work as Microsoft Excel. Covers 140 functions of Excel. Excel Everywhere converts Excel spreadsheets into web pages that look and function in the same way as the original spreadsheet.

How to use ExcelEverywhere




ASP.NET version

Excel Everywhere for HTML & Java/JSP versions

Requirements for the end user accessing the resulting web pages:


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