Affordable Alternative for Diagramming and Visualization

Sample - business diagram, process map, flow chart, org chart, technical diagram.

Are you looking for a robust diagramming and visualization program but don't want to pay $200?  iProcess offers an affordable alternative for building flow charts, process maps, organization charts, networks, time lines, and more!

The simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop design makes building diagrams a snap. Yet iProcess has all the features you need to create professional-looking and fully functional diagrams, including:


Does iProcess work with Visio files?

iProcess does not read or write Visio files, but it does allow you to create the same types of documents - at about 25% of the price.  If you have existing documents they can be recreated using iProcess and in some cases copied and pasted.

Can I get printed documentation for iProcess?

Yes, a printed User's Guide is available in addition to the online documentation provided with iProcess.  .  If you do not own it yet, there is an option to purchase the User's Guide when you make your purchase.

What is included in the iProcess support plan?

As a supported user you receive unlimited telephone support, unlimited access to our anywhere, anytime support web site that includes an extensive database and on-line chat, and finally, free updates and upgrades - including major upgrades. An annual support plan is $19 and can be purchased when you order iProcess.


The same software costs $200!

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