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"Simplify and Organize your Takeoffs with this Productivity Software"

Plan takeoffs and measurement have always been cumbersome and error-prone for the average contractor or estimator. And yet, it is essential for the health of an ongoing construction business.

Announcing Plan Takeoff. The intuitive software for generating fast and accurate takeoffs.


Whether you use a scale rule, measuring wheel or an electronic device (such as ScaleMaster II), you need Plan Takeoff to simplify and organize your takeoffs and save time.


Plan Takeoff and Measurement Functions

Plan Takeoff includes all basic takeoff functions such as count, length, area and volume. It also features registers for multiplier, divisor, add-on and deductive adjustments. You can use multiple registers to automatically calculate add shapes, cutouts, windows, sloping areas, conversions and more. Because each material has a different waste factor, Plan Takeoff has unique registers for each takeoff item.

Construction plan takeoff system takeoff item listing

Construction plan takeoff system takeoff detail

  • Powerful plan takeoff tool designed for contractors, builders, remodelers and estimators

  • Easy to use, fast learning curve

  • Fast program execution with unlimited size data and takeoff files

  • Intuitive, clear user interface. No computer or Windows expertise required

  • Stand-alone system designed to run on desktop and laptop computers

  • Works with popular measurement devices such as Scalex and ScaleMaster


Construction plan takeoff listing report

Construction plan takeoff summary report

Construction plan takeoff detail report

  • One-click, built-in screen and printer reporting

  • Listing, detailed and summary level reports

Computer Plan Measurement

Plan Takeoff provides ample descriptive and referencing fields to accurately identify each takeoff item: Phase, Code, Drawing, Detail, Reference, Description, Quantity and Unit. Click on the column header and Plan Takeoff will sort by the selected column.


On-screen and Printed Reporting

Plan Takeoff has built-in screen and printed reporting at the click of the mouse. Various different levels of detail so you have an audit trail to how a takeoff was created. Plan Takeoff even creates reports in HTML format for posting RFQ's on the Internet and online collaboration.


Built-in Interfaces

Because Plan Takeoff has built-in interfaces for data transfer, it will import data from popular takeoff devices such as Scalex and Scalemaster as well as the more sophisticated digitizer takeoff devices.

User Comments


"I purchased plan take off 2 weeks ago . Just wanted to say great little program very pleased Thank you    Daniel Zeman"


"Fast, accurate and documented take-offs. Bid smarter! Bid Faster! - Takeoff Software.

"Cut and fill quantity calculation road design, excavation, takeoff" - Earthwork Software.


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