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The Shift Scheduler will build a roster structure to your specifications, allocate staff automatically, and generate a printable roster, all at the click of a button. It is compact and user friendly allowing you to add staff and shifts (maximum 150) with ease. Default values for continuous shifts mean that the only shift data required is the start date/time and length for the first shift, everything else is automated. For non-continuous or varying shifts you have the capacity to overwrite default data and structure shift settings to suit your specific requirements.

Constraints you can apply when allocating staff include the maximum hours a staff member can work within the roster period, the maximum continuous work hours, the minimum break between shifts, and the maximum number of days in a row that can be worked. You can also set a Yes or No work status to define a must work or must not work requirement. Your roster is printed using standard Excel commands or using the Format Print function to build a compact and easy to read roster schedule table. The Next Roster function allows you to roll roster details into the next roster period to quickly build consecutive rosters.


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Cells Protected

Input cells (blue) are not protected and these are the only cells you need access to. In some software titles all other cells and Visual Basic code are protected to ensure integrity and protect source code.

Software Use

Software is provided as shareware with a 7 day trial period. This allows you to test prior to purchase. If the software meets your requirements payment is required. Payment allows you to maintain software beyond 7 days.

Macros, what are they and why must I enable them

Macros are programs embedded in the Excel spreadsheet to provide software functionality. They must be enabled or the software will not function.

Macro Security Warning

All Bizpep software is digitally signed by If this signature is missing the software may have been tampered with. Depending on the security settings on your computer you may be presented with a message advising that the software contains macros with a prompt to Disable or Enable Macros. Macros must be Enabled for software to function. You can select "Always trust macros from this source" to allow software to run without the security message.

Macro Security Level Adjustment

To adjust macro security levels from Excel go Tools, Macro, Security, Security Level. It is recommended that you select Security Level as Medium. When you open software with macros and Security Level is set as Medium you are presented with a message advising that the software contains macros with a prompt to Disable or Enable Macros.

Version Numbers

The software version number is the last 2 characters in the body of the file name, ignore any decimal places i.e. version 2.0 is the same as version 20.

Software Modifications

Shareware software is provided in standard formats. If it does not fully encompass all your requirements we offer a Software and Model Design service to provide software specifically matched to your business.

Production Mix Model - Compilation Error

The Production Mix Model uses the Solver Add-in included with Microsoft Excel. A compilation error message is generated on opening this model if the Solver Add-in cannot be located. To rectify follow the Excel help instructions to install and load the Solver Add-in.

Protected with an Encryption Method not available in France Message

This problem is due to a bug in the Microsoft Regional Settings software. It may also appear in the Dutch version. To by pass it you need to change your regional setting to English United States or anything other than France. To do this:

This should fix the problem. Further information on this is available at the Microsoft internet site. You can also download a patch from Microsoft to fix the problem (but it is quite large).


Client Comments

"Thank you for all your help. The Business Valuation Model is wonderful!"

"Excellent software program. I have already referred several folks to your site to download the demo. Hopefully, they will turn into sales for you. Good Luck!"

"You guys are fantastick ...excellent service each and every time, without fail."

"Now that I have purchased the program, I honestly believe the price is ridiculously low for the power, utility and results generated by the program."

"...a resounding "1" for excellence. I am pleased with the performance of the software, the ease of use and the overall service. I am glad that I went ahead and ordered it. I plan to make heavy use of it during the rest of my MBA program and in my work life. No doubt I will be purchasing other programs from you. You have what I need."

" guys were great!"

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Software is written with Excel 2000/2002 but most software features should run on Excel versions from 97 on.

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