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Investment Analysis Software provides the capacity to easily analyze the performance of any investment. It applies basic input variables to build an investment analysis allowing you to compare and forecast investment performance, determine net worth and income streams, identify buy / sell indicators and make informed investment and retirement planning decisions. Full analysis results are provided in tabular and graphical format for easy interpretation and review.

Investment performance is converted to equivalent current year values enabling the actual investment performance to be determined. Applying this approach allows comparisons to be made between different investment types. It also provides an effective means of projecting investment performance and determining the results of different investment mixes. By developing forecast projections it is possible to identify when investment performance spikes or dips. This acts as a strong buy / sell indicator. By following a sell at the spikes and buy at the dips strategy overall return can be enhanced.

Investment Analysis Software allows you to:

Analysis and comparison of all investment types and combinations is available including:

The ability to consider all investment types allows the performance of each investment to be assessed, forecast, monitored and reviewed. This enables informed buy / sell / hold decisions to be made.

Software and supporting documentation are not investment advice and should not be applied in isolation. As with all forecasting methodologies the results are only as good as the input provided.

Instructions for Use


Investment Analysis Software allows you to analyze current investments held, those under consideration, and investments that you wish to monitor for possible future purchase. All investment types can be analyzed including non-income producing assets like your home. If you build a portfolio of all your investments you can determine your current and future net worth and income streams. This is particularly beneficial for investment and retirement planning. All projection values are provided as both future and current equivalent values providing a true indication of future returns.

Developing a benchmark for investment performance provides a powerful tool to determine optimum investment timing. A regular review (monthly, annually) of current investment performance against your projections allows buying and selling opportunities to be identified. For example you purchase $10,000 of shares and build an analysis for this investment. You consider the long term Capital Growth of these shares to be 5% pa resulting in an end of Year 1 projected Asset Value of $10,500 (5% Capital Growth). One year after purchase you review your investment. If at this time the actual asset value (share price) is substantially higher than $10,500 a sell opportunity is indicated. If at this time the actual asset value (share price) is substantially lower than $10,500 a buy opportunity is indicated. However these actions should only be considered if you are comfortable with the input variables you applied in the investment analysis and believe that over the long term they remain valid. Also if you sell you need to have a better performing investment in which to place your funds. Or if you add to your investment its future performance relative to alternative investment options should support this.

With investment analysis and regular reviews you can take control of the investment process and maximize overall performance.

Controls are included in menu groups. The main menu group is at the top of the page, blue text above a blue line. From here you can click each item to access sections of the software and perform functions. Help links to the help file provided with the software. Print prints the currently displayed items excluding the menus. Analysis Table columns can be hidden by clicking the column title. You can also print using the browser print function when available, this provides additional print formatting. A sub menu group is located in the Analysis section at the top of the table, blue text above a blue line. Support comments are provided when you hold the mouse over blue text. To perform analysis of an investment there are a couple of basic steps:


Input the investment variables in the light blue input areas or select the option buttons. Input variables for a saved profile can be reloaded by selecting the profile from the main menu Select Investment Profile drop down list. Use tab to step through the inputs. When you click Analysis the Analysis Table is displayed, then click Build to generate an analysis for the current Input. From the Analysis menu you then can Add investment profiles to the table, compare All saved profiles, Compare saved profiles to the table and Plot selected values.

When you Save the current Input is saved using the Description as an identifier. If your system includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later and your Investment Analysis Software file has the extension .hta profiles are saved in an XML file. Otherwise they are saved in a cookie. Cookie size is limited to 4kb, this is sufficient for 10 to 20 profiles. To maintain cookie size a first in first out procedure applies. This means that if the cookie size limit will be exceeded when you save a profile the earliest profile saved will be removed to provide space for the new profile. This is only an issue if you save more than 10 profiles. No limit applies when profiles are saved in a XML file. When Investment Analysis Software is installed on your system the cookie used and its size are specific to the directory in which the file is located. If you wish to set up a number of independent portfolio (groups of investments) or increase the number of saved portfolio above the capacity of a single cookie simply install the software (all files) into a separate directory. In this way each directory will be self contained and function as an independent entity. Select Investment Profile from the drop down list to reload saved Input or Delete.

Asset Initial details represent the asset at time of purchase. Input values directly into the light blue input areas.

Asset Growth details represent future capital variations. Input values directly into the light blue cells.

Annual Income represents investment income excluding capital growth. Select the type of income from the investment using the option buttons and input the required values directly into the light blue input areas. When considering income offset expenses should be viewed as income. For example if you are analyzing the investment performance of your home include the rental expense you would incur to rent somewhere else to live if you did not have your home as an income. To do this simply include the value of the offset expense as an income for the investment.

Annual Expense represents investment expense excluding loan interest. Select the type of expense incurred by the investment using the option buttons and input the required values directly into the light blue input areas.

Loan Details represent any borrowings undertaken for the initial asset purchase. Input values directly into the light blue cells.

Analysis Details represent additional data applied in the analysis calculations. Input values directly into the light blue cells.


Analysis Summary provides the key investment performance indicators for the analysis duration. Average annual Actual Return Equivalent % indicates the average actual performance of the investment in equivalent current day terms for each year of the analysis. Higher percentages indicate better performance. If the Actual Return Equivalent % is greater than 0% then the investment provides a positive return. If it is 0% then any growth and income form the investment equals the investment expense and Cost Index % changes. If it is less than 0% then in actual terms the investment generated an overall loss. Average annual Actual Return Equivalent indicates the average current day equivalent return delivered by the investment for each year of the analysis. Final Asset Equity and Asset Equity Equivalent indicate the value of investment equity at the end of the analysis period and the corresponding current day equivalent. Total Apparent Return and total Actual Return Equivalent indicate the value of investment return over the total analysis period and the corresponding current day equivalent.

Analysis Table provides full analysis calculations. Commands for the Analysis Table are in blue text above the blue line at the top of the table. Click Build to generate an analysis for the current input values. Select a Plot Analysis Column from the drop down list and click Plot for a graphical display. Select Investment Profile from the drop down list and click Add to add the profile to the existing analysis calculations or Compare for a graphical comparison to the existing analysis calculations using the Plot Analysis Column selected. All builds an analysis table comparing each saved investment profile. From this you can compare the performance of all saved profiles. Hold the mouse over table column titles for a support comments. Click a column title to hide the column and select a hidden column title from Show Hidden Analysis Table Column at the bottom of the table to display a hidden column.

Analysis Menu

Build constructs an Analysis Table for the current input variables.

Add combines the Selected Investment Profile with the current Analysis Table data.

Select Investment Profile allows you to select a saved profile from the drop down list to Add to the current Analysis Table data or Compare to the current Analysis Table data using the Plot selected.

Compare compares the Selected Investment Profile to the current Analysis Table data using the Plot selected.

Plot Analysis Column allows you select the column title from the drop down list to Plot or Compare the column data.

Plot plots the Selected Analysis Column data.

All builds a summary Analysis Table for all saved profiles.


For maximum performance investments must be reviewed on a regular basis. The period between reviews depends on investment volatility, suitable durations are usually somewhere between 1 to 12 months. Comparing investment performance to analysis regularly allows you to refine your analysis, identify performance deviations, and provides indicators for investment actions to maximize overall return.

Requirements for Use

This software applies the Document Object Model (DOM) and to function correctly your system should include a 5th Generation browser with JavaScript enabled. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows 98) or later is recommended, Netscape Navigator 7.0 or later is also supported.

If required you can download a current version browser free of charge from:

Software developed in this way may run slower than traditional software but has significant advantages:

The number of licenses you purchase is the maximum Number of Users and the maximum Number of Computer Systems the purchased software can be installed on or that can access the software if on a network. If you purchase a single user license (Quantity set to 1) the software must only be accessible from one computer and there must only be one user. To run the software on more than one computer, a network, or provide for additional users you must purchase a Multi-user license by setting the purchase quantity to the required number of user licenses. Multi-user licenses attract a 30% discount.

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Additional Information: Investment Analysis

30 day Money back guarantee.     Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows 98) or later is recommended, Netscape Navigator 7.0 or later is also supported.

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