miniMRP - material requirements planning software

miniMRP 3.0 is a new, easy to use inventory control program with some additional features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP systems.

Because of its extremely low price and shareware distribution methods, miniMRP might at first appear to be targeted primarily at smaller businesses. In a way this is true because smaller businesses usually operate on a tight budget but in fact miniMRP is an ideal tool for any company, large or small, which doesn`t wish to operate a complex, oversized, MRP system when all they really want is the ability to manage inventory and produce parts lists for manufactured or packaged assemblies.

miniMRP may look like a small package but that`s because it doesn`t waste space on rarely used features that nobody uses anyway.

miniMRP won`t manage your staffing requirements, control your budgets or run your accounting systems. However, you will find that it can manage an unlimited number of inventory items and, if required, it will manage parts lists and assemblies of any size or complexity.


System Requirements

Windows 98 or later.


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Excel templates, Spreadsheets