ItemAction™ Software

ItemAction™ Software is a flexible action item application for task management, bug tracking, help desk, and timesheet solutions.

With it you can record and track tasks and other information to help you, your team, or your workgroup be more efficient.

The User Interface is super-clean and everything is displayed, filtered, sorted, and edited right out front in one single, intuitive, multi-paned window. See for yourself ...

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Big 12 ItemAction™ Feature Highlights ...


Log in automatically using your Windows System Account. Or you can log in with a Username and Password from any workstation. Guests can't make any changes, but they can log in to view information without a user license. Switch between login methods on-the-fly without having to leave the application.


Use Express Item Creation. Enter your entire list by typing the Item Title and pressing return. This makes it so easy to get all your items entered quickly. Once you're done you can go back and modify the details.


Edit Item Details with values that your group defines for itself. Attach notes and optionally attach hours and/or resources to track the cost of getting things done. All editing is done right up front in the main screen.


Receive Email Notifications of changes, helping you to keep track of what is going on. Your team can choose to notify any level of users, including special levels such as issuer or assigned.


Close an Item by selecting the status values that your group has decided will designate a closed item. The item will automatically be closed when one of your designated values is selected (or reopened when changed to another value).


View a List of Items stored in your database by Folder/Outline View or List View. You can also Search, Filter, Add and Remove Value Columns, view by Items or by Notes, and Sort. Or use one of our special views: History View, Timesheet View, or your own Personal Assignment List. Headers can be used for Item Detail layout and the values can be arranged in a logical order by your team manager.


Use Auto Refresh to refresh your list automatically even when the application is minimized. You decide how often to refresh the list. If a new item is detected a taskbar notification will appear to let you know how many new items are in the list. Great for helpdesk!


Report and Export Item Details and Item Lists using your default browser or Microsoft Excel. Reports appear exactly as you have your Item Details or Item List displayed on the screen.


Set Up Item Value Triggers to let managers automatically assign values when other values are selected by users (even when they might not normally have the privilege to choose that second value).


Set Up Item Values Specific for Your Team as a single list selection, a multiple list seleciton, a text value, a date value, or a numeric value. Each type of value has its own special edit control.


Set Up Special Value Groups to provide special functionality. Levels assign privileges to users all the way down to the value level and also determine who receives email notifications. Status lets your team decide when an item is complete by one or more values that you define. Due Date and Duration help you know when tasks are due and how long you expect them to take and provide special statistics in List and Item views.


Use Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL databases and keep a list of up to 20 databases (of either type) which you can switch between at any time. Your privileges will adjust for each database as it is selected. This is great if you have multiple projects or multiple groups to work with and you want to maintain several databases.


Enter Personal Time, Manage Employee's Time, and Print TimeSheet Reports! All Based on ItemAction™ Data. Available Now!

  • Comments attched to Hours
  • Employees Submit Hours
  • Show Estimated Hours
  • Show Billed Hours
  • More Filtering
  • Customized Reports/Graphs

ItemAction™ Special TimeSheet Features:
  • A special TimeSheet View is provided for management to easily review hours logged against each task during a selected time frame for a selected user.  Users can use this tab to review their own hours.
  • TimeSheet Approval - Management can close tasks or approve individual time entries submitted for a pay period which will prevent any further modification by users.

Special Software Development / Bug Tracking Features:

Special Helpdesk Features:


Database Layout:

ItemAction supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server (7.0 or 2000), and MySQL databases.

Multiple Databases

One database is used for configuration and the other for data. This allows you to easily manipulate your configuration and your database separately. If you want to create a new data store with the same configuration, simply create a new database for the data.

Multiple Value Tables

Values are stored in a separate table for each module. A module is descriptive data that can be attached to an Item. If you store each piece of data in a separate table the organization is clearer and more easily maintained.

Installation and Start Menu:

After installation there will be three program shortcuts located on the Start Menu under Programs in the ItemAction program group:

There will also be a shortcut to the help file and a shortcut to uninstall ItemAction.

User Database Configuration:

If you start ItemAction or ItemAction Manager without configuring databases, an attempt will be made to find the databases for you by looking in the current startup directory.

ItemAction will also look for database settings left from a previous version. If no databases can be found, the user will be prompted to designate the location of the databases.

Once valid database selections have been made the orginal load of ItemAction or ItemAction manager will continue and this screen will automatically be closed. The currently highlighted database configuration in the list will be the one that is used.

Management/Workgroup Configuration:

ItemAction is an extremely flexible tool. Therefore, it requires some time spent on the initial configuration. After that, however, it is extremely easy to use.

The Manager application can be used to customize the installation.


A user can set a new password if the password currently is not set (blank) and they are logged on using system authentication. A user might want to do this if he regularly uses another computer that uses a different system name or a computer that does not have a Username (like a home system that is not on a network).

If ItemAction is first run from a system that has no Username, system authentication will not be available and the user will be forced to set a password.

Only an administrator can edit and clear a users password.

In the manager application the manager will be able to tell if a user has a password set, but there is no way to retrieve a password from the system. The only way to recover a password for a user is to clear the password or change the password.

Security/Selection Levels:

Security Levels define what users can modify which data. The priority value for each security level defines the level.

Three Security Levels are pre-defined and cannot be deleted or renamed. The three pre-defined Security Levels are:

A users Security Clearance cant be set to the levels Issuer or Assigned since they are set dynamically as the user switches from one Item to another. If a users actual Security Clearance is higher than Issuer or Assigned they will retain the higher level of privileges.

Guest has its priority locked at 0. Guests do not need a user license to view information, but they cant make any changes or enter any information.

Issuer is a special purpose level. It is the security level of the user who creates, or issues the item.

Assigned is the user who the item has been assigned to.

Other security levels are user-defined, and you may change them to whatever you like.


Triggers allow you to set a value for one module automatically, when another module has a certain value set.

Viewing items:

The left pane in ItemActions main window allows viewing items, notes, or hours in an outline or a grid. For the grid the user can select columns from the list of modules that they want to be included in the view. These columns can be sorted ascending or descending. Use the view toolbar to switch between note and item view. The timesheet toolbar allows you to switch to hours view. There is also a history view that allows you to view all changes between two selected dates.

Filtering the Item List:

The filter allows you to filter the item list. Click the filter icon to toggle the filter on or off. Choose a module and value to filter for, and the item list will be updated.

ItemAction Email:

ItemAction can be configured to send email to users with certain security levels including issuer or assigned.

Individual users can also receive confirmation email for all changes that they make themselves, by enabling the option in their options dialog.

ItemAction sends email using a MAPI enabled mail client.

Closing items:

The manager can decide which status values indicate a closed Item. For each value there is a checkbox that designates that selection of this value should close the item.

System Requirements:

- Host Program: Excel 98 or Excel 2001 or Excel X
- Processor: Excel 98- PowerPC 120 MHz or higher
                Excel 2001/X-PowerPC G3 or later
- Operation System: Excel 98- Apple Mac OS 7.5.5 or later
Excel 2001- Apple Mac OS 8.1 or later
Excel X - Apple Mac OS  10.1 or later
- Memory: Excel 98 - 16 MB
    Excel 2001 - 32 MB RAM prior to Apple Mac OS 9.0, 48 - Apple Mac 9.0 or later
    Excel X - 128 MB RAM

Host Program : Excel 97 or later
OS :
Excel 97 - Win 95 or NT v.3.51 w/ SP5 or later
Excel 2000 - 9Win 5 or NT 4.0 w/ SP3 or later
Excel 2002 - Win 98/98 2-nd edition, Me, NT 4.0 SP6, 2000 PRO, XP PRO/Home

Excel 2003- Win 2000 SP 3 , XP PRO/Home
Disk Storage:
Excel 97- 40 MB
Excel 2000 - 150 MB
Excel 2002 - 144 MB
Excel 2003- 404 MB


ItemAction (TM) User Licenses  - ItemAction Project Task Management - $49.95

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