Retirement Planner FastAnswer Three New Ways to Plan For Your Retirement Now

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  • Make sure that you'll live comfortably during retirement. Begin planning for retirement early and ensure that you'll have enough money when you retire.

  • Retirement plans can change at any time. The Retirement Planner makes it a snap to update changes in your retirement plans or your retirement goals.

  • Let an expert help you plan. Retirement Planner was written by CPAs and MBAs with dozens of years of business experience.


Retirement Planner FastAnswer: For MS Office

The Retirement Planner FastAnswer turns your planning into a nicer nest egg. Created by a group of retirement planning professionals, Retirement Planner gives you a complete view of retirement. The IRA module guides you through the issues surrounding IRA withdrawal--even before the age of 59. The income and cashflow planning modules both show graphically how inflation can sabotage your retirement income, and suggest strategies to avoid the inflation traps. The lump-sum module reviews the pros and cons of taking a lump-sum distribution in lieu of an annuity. Use Retirement Planner to determine exactly how much you need to save to meet your retirement goals and maintain a comfortable standard of living. Along with 401(k) Forecaster, Village Software, Inc.'s Retirement Planner provides one of the best one-two punches in your fight for a good retirement!

  • Retirement Planner's modules answer three of the most important concerns that people have about retirement. Will they have enough money to retire? Is it better to take a taxable lump-sum distribution from their non-taxable retirement account or to defer the payment until later on? And, how do they make early withdrawals from their IRA account without incurring penalties or fines? 
  • Easy installation lets you jump right in and get started. 
  • Over a dozen pages of content give you in-depth analyses of your retirement plans. 
  • Display suitable for both color and monochrome monitors. 
  • The Clear Data button makes creating another version simple. Just clear data, enter new data, and save. You can compare different scenarios easily. 
  • Take into account the assets that you have now. Retirement Planner will calculate their estimated value at retirement. 
  • Plan for retirement with easy to understand graphs and reports. 
  • Village Software's unique print dialog box lets you print anything in the program with just two button clicks. 
  • Detailed on-line help is always just a click away. 
  • Support is provided by Village Software, Inc.'s superior author network. You get the actual product author's name, telephone number, and support hours at the click of a button. 


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