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  • Make the most informed capital investment decision and learn how your assumptions can influence your financing decisions.

  • Perform sensitivity analyses quickly and easily to determine the lower cost decision between leasing and buying.

  • Flexibility is built in. You can analyze any asset before purchasing or leasing - everything from a PC, a company car, or a postage meter to office space or an entire building.


Lease vs. Purchase FastAnswer:
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Making the right capital investment decision can have a big impact on your bottom line. When should you lease or purchase an asset? Our Lease vs. Purchase FastAnswer can help you make the best choice. Lease vs. Purchase includes two comprehensive modules which cover most every leasing scenario. The first module covers capital assets - everything from PCs to postage meters and manufacturing lines to office buildings. So, no matter what the asset, you'll understand the real tradeoffs between leasing, purchasing outright, or purchasing with a loan. The second module focuses on the special case of automobile leasing and includes several decision support tools to help you negotiate your best leasing option. If you're thinking about leasing a personal or company car or truck, Lease vs. Purchase will let you determine the best possible deal. Lease vs. Purchase handles up to 72 financing periods, covers depreciation and maintenance options, and helps you compare costs, residual values, terms, and imbedded interest rates on auto leases. Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes it simple to input and analyze your numbers. Figure out your best option for financing your automobile or acquiring your next asset - without a whole lot of pain. Let the powerful planning features of Lease vs. Purchase help you save time and money.

  • Lease vs. Purchase includes two modules to cover all your capital investment decisions, one for autos and one for all other fixed assets. 
  • You'll get reports on different types of depreciation methods, maintenance options, lease-buy-out scenarios and more over 72 periods -- months or years! 
  • Over a dozen pages of content give you in-depth analyses of your leasing vs. purchasing options. 
  • The Clear Data button makes creating another version simple. Just clear data, enter new data, and save. 
  • Easy installation lets you just jump right in and get started. 
  • Display is suitable for both color and monochrome monitors. 
  • The Auto module allows for the evaluation of up to 5 negotiations of dealer pricing schemes or lender financing arrangements. 
  • Village Software, Inc.'s unique print dialog box lets you print anything in the program with just two button clicks. 
  • Detailed on-line help is always just a click away to give you tips on the easiest way to complete a task. 
  • Support is provided by Village Software, Inc.'s superior author network. You get the actual product author's name, telephone number, and support hours at the click of a button. 
  • View graphs of your lease vs. purchase options by interest rate, taxes or discounts


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