FastStart Personal Success Pack II A Full Collection of Personal Finance Spreadsheets

FastStart Personal Success Pack II: For MS Office

The Personal Success Pack II includes nine spreadsheet solutions that help you become better organized.  Get to know the numbers that effect your life and exercise tighter control over your personal finances.  Use "what-if" scenarios to weigh your options and plan financial strategies. The Auto Expense Statement lets you keep track of purchase and upkeep costs of your auto.  The Bill Divider allows you to divide bills evenly among your roommates.  The Borrowing Costs Worksheet allows your to construct a wise borrowing strategy as you compare various scenarios and assumptions.   The Capital Gains Worksheet lets you view your securities and enables you to track their gains or loses. The Credit Card Payment Plan allows you to organize a credit card payment schedule.  The Home Sale worksheet allows you to view the sale of an old home and the purchase of a new one, as well as calculating taxable gains or exclusions.   The Life Insurance Worksheet helps you compare various life insurance plans.   The Mutual Fund Cost Analysis helps you with your personal finances.  The Short Term Insurance Analysis Worksheet helps you calculate and compare the benefits of short term insurance.  Designed for users who don't need the in-depth treatments that FastAnswers provide, the FastStart Personal Success Pack II starts you down the road of personal success analysis! 


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Designed for MS Excel 97/2000/XP(2002)


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