Targeted at retail and wholesale distribution companies, HighControl is a full life cycle Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Business Management system, designed to be simple to use yet offering powerful enterprise resource and stock management tools and is aimed at Mail Order and Internet Sales Business models.

Do you need a scaleable Enterprise wide stock control system? Or a Single User stock control system?

HighControl PRO for small business users can be upgraded to HighControl Enterprise Edition for larger organisations, which can be customised to meet the stock control demands of different businesses and offers an upgrade path as an enterprise expands.

If current needs only require a single PC to coordinate the sale and control of stock, then HighControl PRO is ideal and uncomplicated to setup and maintain yet has all the same operating features of the highly scaleable Enterprise edition.

Ease of use short timescales to user competence
User Configurable settings are simple to alter and manage
Invoice & Credit Data can be exported into Sage Line 50 and Customer & Supplier details can be imported from Sage Line 50
Flexible Barcode Generation & Printing can use dedicated barcode label printers or generic printers with Avery sheet labels
User Access Management users only access sections pertinent to job department
Connect over Local Area Network or Internet using secure ODBC.

Contact Management

The Customer, Supplier and Prospects options all work as a contact management database system, the stored data would be used throughout HighControl, for sales orders, purchase orders, invoices etc. Therefore it is important that the data is correct and accurate.

On selecting one of the tabs you will see your available list of contacts, these can be edited and updated by double clicking on an existing entry. A new contact can be added by clicking on the “New” button at the top of the window. Either way an additional window will open as illustrated above.

Purchase Order

In most cases purchasing the stock from a supplier is usually the first step before it is sold. Once your new stock arrives at your premises it should then be checked off, ready to be booked on to the system.

A purchase order is easily generated; Stock item descriptions are entered under one of the various stock categories definable in the settings menu, and there is drop down list of all supplier names to choose from. Purchase order numbers are automatically generated in sequence. When the PO is complete it can be saved and printed or e-mailed to your supplier.

Booking in stock

As your stock comes into the warehouse all of your items should be placed on to the stock system and given a barcode (optional). There is drop down list of all PO numbers to choose from, selecting one, fills in the stock item description fields automatically, eliminating double entry.

The only other fields you will need to complete (if required) before adding the items in to stock are: serial No, stock code, part number, sub category, location, cost price, sales price, condition, reorder level and quantity.

Barcode Design


Bar coding is a fast and effective method of recording stock coming in and going out. The HighControl system is flexible allowing you the option to assign existing barcodes to your stock, and/or customise new barcodes to be printed on standard Avery label paper.

Item despatch and stock takes can become quick, painless and error free, and in the event that a stock item is returned from a customer, a simple scan can supply you with the entire stock item, sales or invoice details you need.

Sales Order

To add stock to a new order simply click on the add item button to open the stock list, search and select the item you want to add, and enter in a quantity. When you are done click on the Add to Order Button.

Single Items can be added to an order individually or by multiple selections. The system knows when an Item has already been allocated to an existing order preventing overselling of stock.

Order Dispatch

After the sales order has been sent for dispatch, each batch must be picked and scanned out or the barcode number typed in manually. This must be done to release the order and for an invoice to be raised. It is a failsafe to prevent the wrong items being shipped off. Items not scanned are highlighted in red.

If you are still waiting for stock to arrive a part order can be completed, but the order will remain as a part dispatch until all of the items have been cleared.

A printout can be made of the order and is used as a picking note or despatch note.

Sales Invoice

When an order has been despatched, an invoice is automatically generated and is given a number.

To open an invoice, select the invoice option from the main menu and double click on any line entry to view the invoice details, print and upload it to Sage.

Stock Returns

If a stock item gets returned, you can create a customer return by scanning in the item barcode, and entering the fault report. Also with a simple click, you have the option to restock the item as repaired, restock the item as faulty, repair and return it to the customer or to send it back to the supplier.

Whichever one you choose, your stock levels will be adjusted accordingly and the item history will be recorded.


There are two ways to create a customer credit.

1) Click on the credit button when in returns, this will automatically credit that customer return and is added to the completed credit list in the credit menu.

2) Click on the new button on the credits screen, this will open a new screen asking for Customer Name, Amount and Description. Fill this information in and click on the Add button to create your customer credit.


The reports engine is very comprehensive and easy to use. From the search table drop down box choose the desired option you want to base the report on, for example this could be Invoice or Returns, then tick the fields underneath that you want to display.

Now add the search conditions e.g. 1) Invoice Number, 2) > (more than,) 3) 20. This will bring up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of all invoice numbers above 20. You can expand or reduce your report by clicking on: More… or Less… options. The * can be used as a wild card character.


Goto Developer Web Site for more information

Additional Information: HighControl
Platform : Windows XP/2000/2003
File Size - 25 MB


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