Desktop Sale Manager


Track, manage & master every deal right from your personal computer. Outlook friendly. For sales professionals or sales teams.


Sales professionals demand a competitive edge to sell smarter and better. You need tools that work where you often work - cars, lobbies, coffee shops, airplanes, kitchen tables, customer offices. Pressure on your time, budget, and on sales results means you need tools that are powerful, affordable and intuitive.


Desktop Sales Manager is fifth generation software that provides sales intelligence for thousands of sales professionals: detailed tracking, analysis, management, and reporting of every sales opportunity. Track sales by stage, probability, due dates, revenue amounts, and more. Get on-screen visual cues for opportunities that are past due. Drive tasks and appointments in Microsoft Outlook that are rich in sales opportunity detail. It is time to push your selling to the next level...

Some things never change: Powerful. Affordable. Simple to use. Desktop power users, or  pocketable & portable. Microsoft's latest .NET technology. All the good stuff...

Some things get better with age: Microsoft Outlook friendlier. More intuitive. Sales opportunity analysis & competitive analysis. 40 eye-popping reports. Dashboard.

Highlights For Sales Professionals

20 customizable data fields, a time-stamped Journal, Sales Plan, and Research sections for each sales opportunity.

Laser sharp focus on every sales opportunity with a 15 point sales analysis, and a 10 point competitive sales analysis

On-screen analysis of your pipeline - keyed by any data field or property. Examples: Probability, Sales Stage, Week Due, Overdue

Outlook Connection creates detailed Outlook tasks, email, appointments, and utilizes all your Outlook contacts

Dashboard highlights "hits and misses" in your pipeline - any deals that require your special attention

You CAN take it with you - using Pocket Sales Manager and a Pocket PC

Highlights For Management & Executives

Forecast sales by combining individual territory pipelines into a consolidated pipeline

Easy and fast to implement - no special servers, extensive training, or consultants.

8 Analysis reports, 9 Executive reports, and 6 Revenue reports provide detailed insight into "the business of sales"

Learn how often you are getting outsold. Learn when your solution is strong or weak

Archived won & lost sales opportunities allows trend analysis and the raw data for strategy decisions - hiring, sales performance, and pricing strategy - just to name a few

Easily distribute leads to field sales professionals




Customizable toolbars, tabs, navigation buttons, and columns.

180+ page on-line user's manual.

16 "day-in-the-life" tutorials for frontline sales professionals and sales management/executives

Microsoft Outlook Connected: Use your Microsoft Outlook contacts, create Outlook appointments and tasks, and send Outlook email to your clients right from Desktop Sales Manager

Road Warrior Ready: take all your sales information with you right into the client's office

Run your territory or your sales team without dedicated computer servers, IT consultants, and/or without paying every month that you use the software

Update your sales opportunity information on-the-go from your car, a hotel lobby, customer site, or airplane - anywhere you go - without having to stalk the closest Internet connection, logon and enter passwords, then only-12-click-and-new-screen-display-and-you-are-done

Sales Opportunities & Analysis

Templates provide customization of 20 data fields: label, type, validation, default values, drop down lists etc - adapt to your selling style and improve speed and accuracy of entering information. Free templates for foreign languages, corporate sales, IT consulting, etc.

Focus on deals that matter through Ratings: 5 quick, objective judgments to determine if a sales opportunity is worth pursuing

Solution Impact: 5 objective judgments to determine how well your solution is accepted by your customer

Competitive Solution Impact: 5 objective judgments to determine how well your competitor's solution is accepted by your customer

Sales Impact: 5 objective judgments to determine how well you are selling to this customer.

Competitive Sales Impact: 5 objective judgments to determine how well your competitor is selling to this customer

Automatically calculate and track sales opportunity properties: Date created, last modified date/time, age in days, past due, booking day, booking week, booking month, booking quarter, booking year, revenue, weighted revenue ( = revenue times probability), sales owner, sales advantage

Opportunity Status: Won, Lost, Engaged, Contract, Postponed

Watched/Not Watched: Easily track and monitor "special" deals

Journal: Keep date/time stamped notes on your opportunity - up to 32,767 characters of information per sales opportunity

Revenue for each sales opportunity is calculated for you (quantity times price times discount)

Microsoft Outlook Connection

Group email and Group email (Bcc) give you a powerful channel for educating and communicating with clients.

Continue to use Microsoft Outlook as the center of your contact and activity management. No complex synchronizing, no entering contacts or appointments twice, no special training to learn a new calendar/contact/task activity management tool

Paste Outlook Contact information from 28 Outlook Contact fields into any sales opportunity with just one click

Add/update/delete Contacts in Outlook right from Desktop Sales Manager

Microsoft Outlook Appointments can be created right from a Desktop Sales Manager sales opportunity with a click. The appointment is packed with all the latest sales opportunity information

Need to draft a proposal for a client or prepare for the next presentation? A Microsoft Outlook Task can be created right from a sales opportunity. The Outlook Task is loaded with sales opportunity details

Send email directly to your client by creating a Microsoft Outlook Email from within Desktop Sales Manager

Sales managers and executives:  save time by opening sales pipelines directly from your Outlook Inbox or from any other Outlook mail folder

Frontline sales professionals: get sales leads merged into your territory sales pipeline right from your Outlook inbox

Sales Pipelines

Find or filter sales opportunities by searching for text in any field, by selecting a date range, and even by status.

Collect all your sales opportunities in a single sales pipeline file that is easy to share, email, or take with you on the road via Pocket Sales Manager

Automatically save completed sales opportunities in an archive file for lessons-learned analysis

Distribute leads to field sales professionals by emailing lead sales pipelines to them to merge into their territory sales pipelines right from your Outlook Inbox

Sales managers and executives can easily rollup individual territory sales pipelines into consolidated sales forecasts

Sales managers and executives can open more than one sales pipeline at a time, and see summary information for all open pipelines: total revenue & opportunity count and a full heads-up dashboard summary

Get instant, on-screen analysis of your pipeline by any field or property. For example, see all your sales opportunities organized by probability, by stage, by product, or by due date/week/month/ or year

Instantly spot any overdue sales deals - they are underlined in red


Take control of your sales pipeline or of your sales team: the Dashboard provides focus on critical deals in all open sales pipelines by offering easily visible lists of critical deals & details

Go where the money is: track your biggest deals in a "deal list" of all your large sales opportunities

Keep an eye out: "Watched" deals that you have marked are listed for easy tracking

Timing is everything: make sure you are focused on deals that are due this month - they are listed together in the Dashboard

Play catch up: get busy on any overdue deals from your Dashboard "Overdue Deals" list

Protect your advantage: see the deals where your sales analysis says you have a sales advantage

Overtake the competition: increase your efforts on the Dashboard list of deals where your sales analysis shows you are at a disadvantage

Don't miss out: see a list of any deals that have not had any recent sales activity

40 reports that ask and answer business questions: "What is my revenue project by month?" "Who are the Contacts on my deals?" "What are the big deals that my sales people are working on?"

Many reports are "interactive" - you can re-organize them by any sales field or property. For example, see your sales opportunities reported by probability, or by sales stage, or by booking month, etc

Drill down for details: many reports have drill down details to provide both the big picture AND the supporting facts

Analysis reports provide insight for sales, marketing, and executives. The reports are:

How are we winning... by solution or by sales?

How good is our offering vs our competition?

How good is our offering?

How well are we selling vs our competition?

How well are we selling?

What are my Sales Cycles?

What is a summary of my Sales Analysis?

Where do I have a sales advantage?

Deal reports are focused on sales tactics/next steps/status. They keep you and everyone else on the same sales page. The reports are:

How many days until my Opportunities close?

How old are my deals?

What are the 'Big Deals' I am working on?

What do my Deal Sheets look like?

What is a summary of my Opportunities?

What is the Journal activity on my deals?

When are my deals going to close?

Which of my Opportunities are 1Past Due?

Who are the Contacts on my deals?

Revenue reports provide sales forecasting. The reports are:

What does my revenue look like in a bar chart?

What does my revenue look like in a pie chart?

What does my revenue look like in a radar chart?

What is my Revenue Projection by month by sales person?

What is my Revenue Projection by month?

What is my Revenue Projection?

Executive reports provide the top level view of "the business of sales". The reports are:

How many days until Opportunities close for my sales people?

How old are the deals for each sales person?

What are the 'Big Deals' that my sales people are working on?

What are the Revenue Projections for my sales people?

What are the Sales Cycles for my sales people?

What is my Revenue Projection by month by sales person?

When are the deals going to close for my sales people?

Where do my salespeople have a sales advantage?

Which of my Opportunities are past due by salesperson?


Additional Information: Desktop Sales Manager
Platform : Windows XP/2000/2003/Me/NT

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Track and manage the details of every sales opportunity

20 customizable fields capture the details of your sales opportunity. A date/time stamped journal keeps a record of important events. Sales opportunity properties include probability, date created, age in days, last modified date, expected booking date, days until due, sales position & competitive sales position, advantage, revenue, and weighted revenue (revenue times probability). Custom templates are created with Template Manager and can adapt the 20 data fields to your industry and selling style with drop down lists and data validation.

Understand your real sales position with a 15 point sales analysis and a 10 point competitive sales analysis

Learn the answers to three important questions: 1) Is this deal worth pursuing? 2) Which solution is being selected by the customer? 3) Are we selling better or worse than our competitor? Get your answers by making a few key judgements like "Is their decision made at this location or elsewhere?" or "Is there a relationship with this client that goes beyond this deal?"

Outlook Connection brings your Outlook Contacts into your sales opportunity

All your Outlook contacts are a click away from any sales opportunity. Save your time and improve accuracy. No synchronization or "double entry" of information. Your Template Manager template insures that the Outlook information goes to the right place. You can even add or change Outlook Contact information from within Desktop Sales Manager.

Create Outlook Appointments and Outlook Tasks that are automatically packed with your sales opportunity information.

Life is too short to have more than one calendar...

Use the calendar and task list that you are already know - Microsoft Outlook - for your sales tasks and appointments without ever leaving Desktop Sales Manager.

Road Warriors take their sales pipelines with them using Pocket Sales Manager and a Pocket PC.

Save your sales pipeline to your Pocket PC right from Desktop Sales Manager, then hit the road. Pocket Sales Manager lets you update your pipeline while you are in the field and the information is still fresh in you mind. Of course that information comes right back into Desktop Sales Manager when you get back home...

Analyze your entire sales pipeline on-screen

Slice and dice your sales pipeline until you understand it from every angle and are ready for informed action. This analysis shows your sales pipeline by probability. Click the Stage button and see what stage each opportunity is in your sales process. Customize by adding your own buttons from 61 choices...

Dashboard keeps you advised of what is going on in your sales world

Big deals, Deals Due This Month, Deals at Advantage - all the good news. Deals Overdue, Deals At Disadvantage, No Activity deals - stuff that needs some of your attention.

Find and Filter Sales Opportunities

Some types of selling by its very nature deals with a high volume of leads or deals or sales opportunities. Sifting through your leads to find the ones you want just got a lot easier...

The Find panel lets you easily select only the sales opportunities that match your intentions.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Busters?

If you need to communicate a message to a group of sales prospects via email the new Desktop Sales Manager Group Email and Group Email Bcc features can help.

To send out an email message, the first step is to select the sales opportunities that contain the email addresses. You can select all of your opportunities, or select groups and individual ones. In the example, a variety of sales opportunities (highlighted in blue) have been selected. Note that sorting the columns in the list area can be VERY helpful in making these selections...


We want Desktop Sales Manager to perform well for you. Please consider the computer requirements carefully as you decide whether Desktop Sales Manager is the right tool for you.

Microsoft's .NET technology... Desktop Sales Manager uses Microsoft's very latest .NET technology. While most new computers are shipped with Microsoft's .NET already loaded, some computers may require installation of the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework is free and can be downloaded. Find out more from Microsoft's .NET website, or click here to specifically download the .NET framework.

What's your Outlook these days?... Desktop Sales Manager be a powerful and useful tool by itself, but is also very friendly with Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003.

CD or Not CD?... Desktop Sales Manager is purchased and downloaded through our online store. The file is about 19MB and can take 4-7 minutes to download on a broadband connection (cable or DSL) or longer over a dial-up connection. When purchasing, you have the option of having the software loaded on a CD and sent to you.

Have you got the power?... This is a robust program, and you will be happiest if your computer has some performance. Consider carefully if your computer's processor is significantly under 750MHz, or if you have a large number of Outlook contacts - 1,000 or more.

User Testomonials

From John Fox, author of "Marketing Playbook: The Manual for Growing Organizations"

""It's one thing to have a pipeline of opportunities.  It's quite another to be able to easily track those opportunities and forecast revenue.  The Desktop Sales Manager developed by Software on Sailboats is an easy to use, cost effective CRM solution.  This powerful software allows the user to merge all the sales opportunities across the organization and get a pretty fair sales projection." 

John Fox, marketing guru, and author of "Marketing Playbook: The Manual for Growing Organizations"



From Dave Stein, award winning author of "How Winners Sell"...

"As a long-time Sales Executive, coach and author, I have used and seen many different CRM and Sales Automation products.  The 'Sales Manager' series from Software On Sailboats is among the best.  It is concise, simple-to-use, extremely versatile and eminently affordable. The ideas that have gone into the design of these products have come from REAL sales people and they have managed to avoid the superfluous features and unnecessary complexity of their competitor's offerings. I highly recommend this to sales people at all levels and in all industries."  (


"Software On Sailboats seems set to take its fair share of this increasingly crowded CRM market space. Our evaluation of the product left us impressed and confident that it was destined for greater things. The Software On Sailboats Desktop Sales Manager more than holds its own against products like Microsoft Business Contact Manager (MS BCM). It's better looking, with lots more under the hood, and at $90, more competitively priced." 


System Requirements


Operating System

Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)
Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation or Server) with Service Pack 6a
Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, or Advanced Server)
Windows XP (Personal and Professional)

Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable v 1.1 or later
Required for Installation: Windows Installer 2.0 or later (Windows ME, NT 4.0, 2000)

Outlook 2000, 2002/XP, 2003. Outlook is not required, but Desktop Sales Manager can use Outlook contacts and create Outlook email, tasks, and appointments. If you have more than about 1,000 contacts you will want to use a computer with 1GHz or faster

Outlook Express is not supported.

Downloading File size is 19.5MB. You can optionally get the software on CD for a modest extra fee when purchasing
Graphics Display 800 X 600 is the absolute minimum, but we recommend higher resolution. 1024 X 768 is a good starting place. This is a very visual product and higher resolution greatly enhances your use of this product
Processor 750MHz or higher is recommended. This is a robust program, and CPU performance and available memory make a difference. If you have 1,000 Outlook contacts, consider 1GHz as your minimum processor speed
Disk Storage When installed, the program requires about 35MB of disk storage
Virus and security software


The program accesses Outlook contacts and email in much the same way that a virus program might. Aggressive virus protection programs and security measures in a few instances may prevent access to the Outlook related features of this program.



Additional Information: Desktop Sales Manager
Platform : Windows XP/2000/2003/Me/NT

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