Genesis II

Genesis II is the perfect solution for Big Corporations and Employment Agencies around the world.

This software, makes use of the most advance technology and quality available in today's market for personnel management.
We have design a powerfull and functional software, that anyone with littke or no computer knowledge will be able to operate Genesis II.
Genesis II will manage Rotative Personnel and qualify the best candidate for selected positions inside any company.
Genesis II will also make possible to keep a database of resumes of candidates aspiring to work in a company for any given position.

Multiple reports will allow you to select the best choice at printing time.

Bilingual - Genesis II is completly multi-lingual in English and Spanish.
After installation, the first time you run the software, it will ask you to select the language of your choice, making the other language completly invisible from there on.

Some of the Features
· Easy to Use
· Fast Search
· Completly Bilingual
· Customizable
· Very Powerfull
· Data Backup
· Unlimitate Candidates
· Multiple Reports
· Interactive and Functional
· Search based on percentages
· Multi - user

Genesis II includes an interactive "Help Tips" system in your own language, to ease the process of the software operation Someone who has never used Genesis II before, will be able to operate it with from the very first time.
The Demo version, will be used with the concept of Try-before-buy, check out what it's worth before you make the decision. We are so sure that Genesis II is your best option, that we are willing to let you test drive it for a reasonable amount of time before buying it.
You will have 30 days to use it, some limitations apply in the Demo version, if you like it, then you may purchase it. If you don't feel Genesis II is for you, just erase it from your system. This is our compromise with you..

Main Screen

main1.gif (7210 bytes)

Aplicant's Menu

aplmenu.gif (2870 bytes)

Add New Aplicant

aplnew.gif (10037 bytes)

Find Tools

You can search using multiple criteria.

search.gif (7921 bytes)

searchsell.gif (4843 bytes)

searchedu.gif (4025 bytes)

searchpos.gif (3738 bytes)

searchopt.gif (6942 bytes)

searchres.gif (5075 bytes)

Reports Menu

reports.gif (4618 bytes)

Aplicant Detail Report

apldetrep.gif (7930 bytes)














Maintenence Menu

mainten.gif (3021 bytes)

Secure Order

You will receive information electronically immediately after ordering allowing you to download English or Espanol Edition of this product.When you register you will receive free updates for life. Custom Software development also available. Please read license.

Goto Developer Web Site for more information

Additional Information: Genesis II

Platform :  Windows XP/2000/2003/Me/98/95/NT

English & Espanol Editions are available

Buy Online

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