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Vehicle Web Studio is designed to create AND maintain websites for Automotive / RV / Boat / ATV / etc dealers. With Vehicle Web Studio™ you can have a website up and running in minutes without knowing anything about web development.  Vehicle Web Studio can keep track of New and Pre-Owned Inventory, including an unlimited number of photos for each vehicle. In addition, you can create and maintain news articles, events, links to other websites, accessories, apparel and merchandise you wish to display and even sell from your website. If there are pages you wish to have on your website that the software does not automatically create, you can easily import custom designed pages from other software such as Microsoft Word and FrontPage. Already have a website? We can assist in migrating your current website into a Vehicle Web Studio site, so you can utilize the features of the software not currently available with your current site.

When we researched the need for this software, we discovered that you can pay A LOT more to create a website and then when you do have this wonderful site that you paid lots to have created, you have to manually update the site or pay someone else to. With Vehicle Web Studio, you pay once and never have to worry about high maintenance costs again.   Of course if you want to, you can pay one of the inventory service companies to maintain your vehicle inventory - AT A COST OF $400 - $1000 PER MONTH. If you're reading this, then you are one of the many who do not want to pay a high monthly fee to keep your inventory online, but still want to keep an internet presence.



Vehicle Inventory Listing for Specific a Specific Vehicle Type

Vehicle Detail Screen General

Web Detail Setup
(You can decide which fields
are displayed on a per-vehicle

Items for Sale" Category
Listing - Manage an unlimited
number of Accessories, Apparel,
or Merchandise items.

Sale Item Detail Screen.
Easily interpretable with any
shopping cart system just by
entering your own custom link
for the "Purchase" button

Easily Create an "Events"
webpage. You can even
select what you would
like to happen when a
user clicks on that day.

Sample web screen for an
event calendar. Just like with
all web pages created throughout
the program, everything is

Easily create and manage an
unlimited number of publishing
profiles. (Allows you to have
separate websites for
different vehicle types)

Completely customize every
attribute of a web page, from
colors to headers and titles.

Customizing the "Base" website

Built in Image Utility.

When its all said and done,
the publishing engine allows for
easy web page updates. Simply
press a button and your done.
No more manual changes of
web pages.

System Requirements


There is no payment risk! 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Additional Information: Vehicle Web Studio
Platform : Windows XP/2000/2003/Me/NT/98


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