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Backup Assistant for Excel$24.95   More Info

The Backup Assistant is designed to help you make backup copies of your workbooks before you make changes to them. One of its most useful features is to prompt you to backup a file immediately after it is opened!  Eliminate the worry about messing up a file and not having an up to date backup.

CSV File Creator for Microsoft Excel  $24.95  More Info

The CSV File Creator allows you to easily create CSV files from your workbooks.  You just select the worksheets that are to be converted to CSV files and let the CSV File Creator do the work.

Conditional Format Assistant for Microsoft Excel   $24.95  More Info

The Conditional Format Assistant is designed to help you format cells based on hundreds of different conditional tests.    The conditional tests are specified on an Excel worksheet.

Consolidation Assistant for Microsoft Excel    $49.95  More Info

  The Consolidation Assistant is designed to help you consolidate data from multiple workbooks or from multiple worksheets.

List Assistant for Microsoft Excel     $19.95  More Info

The List Assistant is the easy way to re-arrange rows or cells in your worksheet. If you have to manually swap two rows, you have to insert a row, cut or drag the row being moved to the new row, and then delete the blank row that is left. With the List Assistant, you just select a cell on the row to be moved and click on the up or down buttons of the List Assistant's toolbar buttons and the row is moved. And, you are not limited to moving a single row at a time! Just select cells you want to move and they are moved with entries in the destination cells being shift down, left or right as needed!

Lookup Assistant for Microsoft Excel   $24.95  More Info

The Lookup Assistant is designed to find matching data in one list and load in another. For example, if you have a price list of product numbers and prices in one worksheet and in an invoice worksheet you just have product numbers, the Lookup Assistant will match the numbers in the invoice to those in price list. 

Merge Assistant for Microsoft Excel   $24.95  More Info

The Merge Assistant is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that will combine entries in multiple cells into one cell.

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