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EasyStockDater downloads free historic and current stock quotes.

With one click the user can download and updated thousends of stocks, index, funds, commodities etc. price datas or with simple one click update single tickers / symbols.

All downloaded data is free of charge and is obtained from variouse source loacted in the internet / world wide web.

The data is saved in ASCII format, ready to convert and manage for all kind of purpose and software programs  (Excel, Spreadsheets, technical analysis and more).

The ASCII format layout is as follow:
This format is ready to convert into the MetaStock format without
prior convertion.

Further functions:
- user start downloading date
- user end downloading date
- Real update of existing data
..only the missing data part is downloaded
- downloading data window
..shows what is actualy processed
- IP viewer and host address display
- Out of use ticker filter
- Create and use your own symbol list
..each symbol list may contain up to 32000 tickers
- user can save settings into different user profiles
- Auto program start
..start any .com or .exe file
..after easystockdater has done its work
- Auto shut down program and computer
..after easystockdater has done its work
- single ticker download and update
- user file extension
..use .txt, .csv etc as file extension
- multiply data server
- convert the data with the included converter
..see easyStockConverter
- no stock data bill
..the downloaded data is free
- easy setup wizard
..couple clicks and the setup is finished

easyStockDater comes in a bundle of other software:
- easyStockConvertor a stock data converter from ASCII to MetaStock
..(third party software needed) etc.
- easyStockEditor a stock data editor
- easyStockQuickChart a stock charting browsing tool
- easyStockMarketViewer a stock market analyzer, sorting and ranking tool
- easyStockTickerGenerator, automaticly generate thousends of stock ticker's
- easyStockMailer a SMTP email client
- easyStockCleaner, get ride of disk filling files and folders automaticly
- easyStockLogger, login to your web email accounts etc. with one click
+ lots more.

OS : Windows XP/95/98/NT/2000/2003/ME

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