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Practice Manager

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This software is a practice management system designed for use at the front desk in professional practices. Features a versatile appointments scheduler that allows printouts of daily and weekly appointment lists for individual practitioners; a compact client/patient details database; and a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most professional practices. Suits solo as well as group practices of up to 20 members. Particularly suits health care professionals (medical, paramedical and dental practices).

3 modules:
(1) an appointment scheduler;
(2) a compact client/patient details database; and
(3) a simplified billing system that will satisfy the needs of most professional practices.

Can service up to 20 consultants. Suits both solo and group practices of up to 20 members. The latest version features color options and recurrent booking facility.

Particularly suits healthcare professionals (Doctors, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Audiologists, Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, etc).

 Systems requirements 

Pentium 100 or later

Windows XP/2000/2003/95/98/NT/ME

Display: 800x600 small fonts or higher (set this resolution via Control Panel/ Display/Settings/Advanced applet) 

Busy practices with large client/patient base may require zipdrive, tape or CD-RW for future backup of files.

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Quick Business Manager


Quick Business Manager helps you:

  • Keep your customers and vendors information.

  • Track your inventories.

  • Manage your employees.
  • Track your accounts.

Platform : Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME

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Invoice Vision


Invoice Vision is a easy to use Invoice tracking software.  

  • Keep track of your customers 
  • Track potential sales by recording your opportunities
  • Quotations
  • Invoice and Credit Notes
  • Record payments and track debt with the age debtors screen
  • Email your Quotations and Invoices in PDF format at the click of a button
  • Built in Backup and Restore procedures
  • Send your data to Excel and synchronise your contacts with Outlook
  • Regularly checks the internet to ensure you are running the latest version

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Expense Journal v 1.1 for Access 2000-2002 [Retail]  $29.99

Expense Journal v1.1 for Access 97 [Retail]   $29.99

Expense Journal for Microsoft Access is an application which helps manage your personal or organization's expenses. It provides numerous reporting features which can be printed out for fiscal or calendar year end reports. Track all your purchases and expenses from your vendors and suppliers, as well as keep track of purchases and expenses by fiscal or calendar year. Expense Journal is easy to use. If you are familiar with using a spreadsheet to record your expenses, then you will find Expense Journal a joy to work with for both personal and organization use.

Platform : Windows 95c; 98; 98SE/ME; Windows2000 or NT4

Small Business Manager   $19.95

Small Business Manager is an accounting program for small business that is simple to use and cheap!

If you want to buy the CD, please click here

OS : Windows 2000/2003/95/98/ ME, or XP

Fundraiser Mentor v1.2.2 for Access97 [Retail]  $59.99

Fundraiser Mentor v1.2.2 for Access 2000-2002 [Retail]   $59.99

Fundraiser Mentor for Microsoft Access  helps manage fundraising events and donations for your organisation or company. Print customized receipts with your organizations name and logo. Generate mailing labels for receipts, events, etc. Includes reporting features for payments, deposits, etc. New in Version 1.2: Now you can create unlimited mailing labels and letters for your clients. Version 1.2 allows use of Microsoft Word "Mail Merge" function to give you total flexibility and customization.

Platform : Windows XP/95c; 98; 98SE/ME; Windows2000/2003 or NT4

Software Administration Kit   $129.00

The Software Administration Kit (abbreviated SAK) is an unique all-in-one solution for customer and order tracking, form letter and e-mail submission, sales report generation version management and order fulfillment. SAK has been specially designed to meet the requirements of software authors and other e-commerce vendors. It's competitive pricing makes SAK especially attractive for small to medium sized companies.
SAK saves valuable time by automating repeatedly occurring tasks, and lets you focus on what is really important: development and marketing.

OS:Windows (all)

Added Payment Amortization - for Windows 3.1
Added Payment Amortizationfor Windows 95 or higher

By making additional principal payments when paying your monthly
mortgage you will reduce the term of the loan and gain equity in
your home at a faster pace. This program may also be used for
non-mortgage type loans.

Auto Loan Calculators - for Windows 3.1
Auto Loan Calculators - for Windows 95 or higher

Confused by all the "hype" about rebates, low interest loans, or
"Rule of 78" versus simple interest loans? This program includes
most of the current types of financing available for automobile
loans. Included are: a simple interest loan calculator; a Rule of 78
loan calculator; a comparison of the two; and a program that can
evaluate the "best deal" on rebates versus low-interest, short-term
loans, as well as the use of a home equity loan for interest
deductions to reduce your taxes.

Balloon Amortization - for Windows 3.1
Balloon Amortization - for Windows 95 or higher

Bankers are currently touting mortgages with a one to five year
balloon. What they don't tell you is that the interest is usually
based on a 30 year term which, unless you know "THE NUMBERS"
it can result in a shock to your system.

Biweekly Amortization - for Windows 3.1
Biweekly Amortization - for Windows 95 or higher

THE BANKERS' SECRET IS REVEALED!!! By making a loan payment every two weeks of half of the monthly payment, 26 payments are made each year. This program demonstrates the savings available
to you if you pay your mortgage everyother week instead of monthly
and are CREDITED THE PAYMENT by the lending institution at the
time of payment.

Loan Amortization - for Windows 3.1
Loan Amortization - for Windows 95 or higher

This program will calculate and print a complete amortization
schedule for loans with any term up to 30 years. The amount of interest paid during any calendar year is also calculated for your use at tax time.

ABM Asset Manager    $95.00 

Manufacturer : ABM Limited

The ABM Asset Manager is a fully featured Windows based asset tracking system. It allows quick and accurate tracking of physical assets using either barcode scanner or keyboard entry. The ability to create and print barcode labels easily. Create asset reports to allow a detailed review of an assets movements. As well as the above key features the ABM Asset Manager provides asset list maintenance giving the user all the tools they require to keep track of valuable assets.

Platform : Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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